COVID-19 Update
March 24, 2020

Greetings, this is Johnathan Newton, Director of Operationsfor Dream Con. I know over the past few weeks there have been rising concernsabout the status of Dream Con 2020 due to the CODID-19(Coronavirus) andhow we are expecting to move forward.


Dream Con is just under 3 months away and I understand manyof your concerns and especially to those who have already purchased their ticketsand made travel arrangements. As of now, we do not have ongoing plans to cancelor postpone Dream Con 2020. We are actively reviewing the information onthis situation consistently and will be sure to let everyone know if thingsescalate further and become out of our hands.


Currently, we are moving as if the con is still going asnormal and taking the proper precautionary measures in order to increase thesafety of everyone attending our event. We’re still very excited and have muchmore to announce.


Dream Con 2020 is looking to be the biggest &most eventful con we’ve had so far. So, we are working our best to keep itgoing and show you all the hard work that my team has put together! We’ll keepyou all updated and let you know immediately if we are forced to change plans.

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