# About This Guest

Prince-Camui Cosplay aka Subaru is a Las Vegas cosplayer with experience that dates all the way back to 2006. Competing since 2006, Subaru has won many performance and craftsmanship awards and has even traveled as a performer, singing at a variety of conventions around the West Coast. They have won many talent contests as a vocalist, one being Anime LA’s Next Top Star in 2016. Starting off as self taught in the art of sewing, they have recently become an avid student at CosplayVegas, the first school of cosplay in Las Vegas.They enjoy drawing, cats, and tea. Their favorite anime’s are FMA, Shield Hero and JJK, and their favorite seiyuu is Miyano Mamoru.

Subaru is very excited to join DreamCon! Be sure to follow their Twitter, Instagram and even their TikTok @SubaruCamui for cosplay updates, covers, and to spot them over the weekend.

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