wreck it ronnie

# About This Guest

Wreck it Ronnie is here to turn up the cosplay party! A cosplay veteran of 13 years, Ronnie has a passion for costume creation, design, modeling, photography, makeup artistry, event hosting and all things nerdy! She has guested at cosplay conventions domestically and internationally; been in visual promotions for several conventions and geeky events; and has a wealth of experience she's dying to share! If you see her roaming the floors, be sure to stop and say hi! She’s always down for photo-ops, hugs, questions, and starting random hallway dance parties!
[9:53 AM]
Akakioga is a domestic and internationally recognized cosplayer with a passion for creating costumes from all different forms of media. With a love of working with her hands, she has become a self taught powerhouse that truly enjoys everything craftsmanship! Whether it be sewing, armor making, 3D printing, or even wig styling, she’s ready to take on any project whether it be big or small!

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