Austin Convention Center | Hilton Austin | July 26-28, 2024
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About Dream Con

About Dream Con

Dream Con is an anime and gaming convention that started as a dream but was brought to fruition by social media influencers, RDCWorld. RDCWorld dreamed of bringing together like-minded individuals to enjoy and celebrate multiple interests including pop culture, comics, art, cosplay, music and much more. As of 2023, Dream Con will take place in Austin, TX.

At Dream Con, it doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an avid fan, this is a place where you will be accepted as you are! With guests ranging from notable voice actors to popular content creators, you never know who you might Naruto run into.

Dream Con provides endless entertainment for you all weekend long, with a traditional artist alley, engaging panels, memorable meet & greets, and invigorating concerts. Dream Con also has staple events such as: All-Star Super Smash Bros Tournament, Crew Battle, Dodgeball, and Cosplay Contest and Runway.

Founders' Message

As most of you know, RDCworld stands for "Real Dreamers Change the World," and we truly believed we could achieve that when we first started our YouTube channel. We've worked hard to bring everyone content and show you things we are interested in. Whether it was anime, gaming, comics, etc., we didn't care about what others thought of us and decided to work towards something that we love. The original goal was to use YouTube as a platform or stepping stone and build an audience so that we could create a manga, and one day, an anime.

Today, with almost 6.2 million subscribers on YouTube and a combination of over 5.5 million followers through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and TikTok our goal remains the same. Because of you all, we inch closer and closer to fulfilling it. We want to show our love and appreciation for everything you have done for us.

Originally, we were planning on visiting anime/comic conventions as guests to meet and interact with our fans in a fun setting. However, many of these conventions (except for a small few) were either ignoring us or turning us away and saying we wouldn't “fit in.” So we decided from there that instead of making excuses or complaints, we would create our own bigger/better convention. This convention will be for everyone whether you're black, white, brown, purple, or green like Piccolo.

We are deeply humbled by all the support we received in the last few years. Dream Con 2023 also looks to be bright, for not only us, but all of our anime and gaming friends!

- Thank you, RDCworld

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