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King Vader

Dominique Barrett, also known as King Vader, is an American writer, director, and creator. He originally began making videos with his collective, “Wolf Graphic,” gaining over 500,000 followers on Vine. After Vine shut down, he began uploading his content on Youtube. He gained popularity for making skits with the use of music mixed with special effects and running jokes. One of his earliest viral videos was titled, “Giving a Gift to Your Ex on Valentine’s Day.” Throughout the years, he grew from making skits to directing and starring in short films based on pop culture and anime. In 2020, King Vader partnered with Netflix and directed, as well as starred in, "Netflix Dreams," a limited mini-series. In the anime community, Vader is known for his “Hood” parodies, most notably his "Hood Naruto'' live-action series. 

Last year, he premiered the “Hood Jujutsu Kaisen'' film at Dream Con so we can only imagine what surprise he has for Dream Con this year. With over 6.7 million followers across all platforms, Vader has gained attention from big studios like Paramount and even attended the Oscars. King Vader is the brand that connects your brand with the new world and aims to push the limits of creating cinema with his team by his side.

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