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Dates and Location

When and where is Dream Con?
Dream Con is Friday, July 28 - Sunday, July 30, 2023, at the Austin Convention Center located at 500 E. Cesar Chavez St. in Austin, Texas

Why did Dream Con move to Austin?
Dream Con is thankful to have grown so quickly within the past two years; thus, we are moving to the Austin Convention Center to accommodate more attendees and enhance the Dream Con experience with a bigger venue. Additionally, we wanted to bring an anime and gaming convention to Austin which is closer to where RDCWorld resides.

What is your health/saftey policy regarding COVID-19?
The 2022 COVID-19 policy remains in effect for 2023 until further notice. Announcements will be made closer to the event dates if/when there are changes. Please review for addtional details.

Badge Information

When were/are admission badges available for purchase?
Friday, September 16th, 2022 at 1:00 pm CT / 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT. 
Friday, November 18th, 2022 at 6:00 pm CT / 7:00 pm ET / 4:00pm PT
Friday, February 24th, 2023 Time: TBA

Will there be more admission badges released?
Please monitor our website and social media accounts for updates regarding future releases.

What types of badges are available?
Weekend Badge($75) -
This 3-day pass grants full standard access during regular show hours to Dream Con’s exhibit hall, gaming lounge, panels, tournaments, and screenings. Spend the weekend with your favorite actors, artists, creators, and cosplayers with a chance to interact with them directly!

Weekend+ Badge ($100) - This 3-day pass grants full standard access during regular show hours to Dream Con’s exhibit hall, gaming lounge, panels, tournaments, and screenings. Spend the weekend with your favorite actors, artists, creators, and cosplayers with a chance to interact with them directly! EXCLUSIVE PERKS: 1) Upgradeable to Dream Con GOLD Badge and Dream Con PLATINUM Badge while supplies last. 2) Access to pre-sale of add-on/separately ticketed events. 3) Early Announcements. 4) Digital Wallpaper.

Dream Experience GOLD Badge ($150) [Available via UPGRADE ONLY] - March 24, 2023.  PRE-PURCHASED “WEEKEND+” Badge Required. Special discounts, exclusive panel, all rewards from lower admission badges, and more.

Dream Experience PLATINUM Badge ($250) [Available via UPGRADE ONLY] - March 24, 2023.  PRE-PURCHASED “WEEKEND+” Badge Required. Special discounts, exclusive panel, all rewards from lower admission badges, and more.

How can I purchase admission badges?
Please click the promoted hyperlink from Dream Con's website or social media and you will be entered into a virtual queue. This "waiting room" is where all potential customers standby until it is their turn to make a purchase. The duration of a customer's wait varies greatly depending on your location in the virtual line, the amount of people ahead of you, and the quickness of their activity. There will be a progress bar on the screen showing your place in line and estimated wait time. When the bar is full, your screen will redirect to the GrowTix selection page to choose your desired ticket type and quantity. Each customer will have 10 minutes to complete the entire transaction. Please make your selection, enter your personal information, preferred payment option, and then press submit. Be sure to review all messaging including event disclaimers and the refund policy as each completed purchase represents a binding agreement in which customers confirm they have read and agree to abide by them.

GrowTix is the only approved platform to purchase authentic admission Dream Con badges at standard rates.
Be advised our partners may use alternative platforms for their services snd events. Dream Con strongly discourages attendees from purchasing any resold badges via social media such as lnstagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In most cases, these are typically scams.

The onsite registration area at our venue requires a valid photo ID in which the legal name matches the ticket name/order name. Please keep in mind that the name on the badge, ticket, or order is not editable. As such, any person utilizing a resold ticket would not have their ID match, resulting in denied entry. As valued members of our community, please work together to inform one another and hold each other accountable.

Can I have my badge mailed?
Unfortunately, no. Dream Con does not offer options to mail badges via any courier or parcel delivery services. All orders must be picked up in person on-site at the venue by the registered name in GrowTix after showing a valid photo ID.

How do I pick up badges? Do I need to show ID?
All badges can be picked up at the venue and require a valid photo ID matching the name on the QR confirmation to be distributed by registration associates. No person may present another person's identification to pick up an order regardless of their affiliation or relation. Verbal or written authorization to have another person present an ID that doesn't belong to them will not be accepted. No remote digital/virtual verification will be permitted. These included, but are not limited to, video conferencing software such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet etc. Both paper and digital QR confirmations will be reviewed/scanned and must match the presented valid photo ID along with the information registered in the GrowTix system.

What are acceptable forms of valid photo ID?
Acceptable forms of valid photo ID include Driver's license, Passport, Military ID, or state/local government identification card.

Other forms of ID may be acceptable at the discretion of Dream Con staff if they are issued by reputable, verifiable institutions and contain the following information: legal first name, legal last name, recent photo, issue date, and/or expiration date. Indication of date of birth is also recommended in the event an attendee expresses interest in age-restricted programming.

How many badges can I purchase? 
Each unique customer name and email is allowed to purchase a maximum of four (4) admission badges across all transactions and public admission releases. Any registered names, emails, or phone numbers that infringe on this protocol will have the applicable order(s) or prohibited purchases (i.e. five admission badges or more) CANCELED. Repeat offenders will incur cancellations without refunds which may result in a ban to future Dream Con events. All order/ticket names require the attendee’s legal name to be submitted prior to purchase and must match a valid photo ID physically presented on-site by the credential's original owner. This is mandatory, non-negotiable, and required for pickup at the venue. No remote/digital identity verification will be accepted.

Can I sell, trade, or transfer my badge to someone else?
No. By registering for a Dream Con badge, you agree not to sell, trade, transfer, or share your promotional code, email confirmation, or badge. Confirmations and/or badges that have been sold or provided by anyone other than Dream Con will not be honored.

Can I buy a badge for someone else?
An individual may buy badges for other people, however, there are a few things that should be considered:

a. For onsite pickup, our registration area requires a valid photo ID matching the name on the order and/or ticket name.
If both the order and/or badge name are registered in your name and NOT in the person you are purchasing on behalf of then that person is unable to pick up the badge. Even if that person is the one who will actually be on-site at the venue to attend the event, their entry will still be denied. No exceptions. The order and/or badge name MUST be in the name of the person who will physically attending the event.

b. Upgrades and some separately ticketed events are sold through GrowTix and are only accessible via the original customer's email and GrowTix account used to submit the order.
The person you purchase on behalf of will not be able to participate in these upgrades or exclusive sales if their information is not submitted in the billing information section; you will have to log in to your email and GrowTix account again at a later time to do so on their behalf. No exceptions.

c. If you are purchasing on behalf of minors, please note, that those attendees are still required to have an adult/guardian/companion with a valid photo ID on-site to pick up the badge (especially if they do not have a valid photo ID themselves).

Minors between the ages of fourteen (14) and seventeen (17) are recommended to have an adult/guardian/companion on-site remain at the venue.
Minor attendees thirteen (13) and younger are required to have an adult attend and remain on-site at the venue at all times.

Should Dream Con cosplay contestants purchase an admission badge?
Yes. The cosplay contest is free to enter, however, a previously purchased admission badge of any type is required and should be procured prior to submitting an entry application. Companions/assistants of contestants should also purchase badges if attending the con.

Should Dream Con gaming tournament contestants purchase an admission badge?
Yes. A standard admission badge of any type is required before entering and will be cross-checked with the GrowTix database to ensure enrollment. These tournaments also have a separate entry fee that must be paid. Please note the entry fee is non-refundable under every circumstance; even if a competitor is unable to secure an admission badge in a timely manner. Please pursue at your own risk.

Do aspiring Dream Con exhibitors, press, panelists. or volunteers need to purchase an admission badge during the public release?
That is a personal choice and responsibility each individual interested in those areas/departments must make for themselves. All selected and approved applicants of Dream Con's affiliate badge programs will have an opportunity to claim/redeem a limited quantity of admission badges related to their specific program with specific permissions, benefits, and rewards. Some areas/programs offer complimentary badges while others require a (sometimes discounted) purchase.

Rejected applicants will not receive an extra opportunity to purchase badges after all public releases have been completed. We recommend purchasing a badge during the public release if you would like to guarantee entry to Dream Con in the event you are not chosen to participate in one of the aforementioned areas/departments.

Do you offer any discounts for students. veterans, military. teachers etc.
Unfortunately, no. The standard rates will apply.

Are there accessibility/ADA badges, badges, or wristbands?
Accessibility wristbands are offered free to fans with mobility, vision, hearing, ASL, and other medical or accessibility needs. These wristbands can be picked up onsite at Dream Con's registration and information areas. Please note: These wristbands only provide additional access and do not include admission. ADA attendees and their companions/assistants must still have a pre-purchased admission badge prior to requesting a complimentary accessibility wristband.

Badge Upgrades and Perks

What is an upgrade?
Upgraded badges are limited quantities of premiere passes that grant access to additional perks, rewards, and benefits to a select group of attendees. The product names vary from year to year and sometimes include commemorative and special packages. All registered Weekend+ badge customers will be permitted to participate in an upgrade session where they simply pay the difference between their currently purchased badge and the desired badge. REMINDER: Upgrades have limited availability and are not guaranteed to all qualifying customers. Only the email and name submitted with the original billing information will be permitted to perform the upgrade.

How do I upgrade?
You must create an account with under "MY TICKETS" and be logged in to the website. If you purchased a ticket and didn't create an account prior to the purchase that is ok When you create an account using the same email, name, and other personal information, the system will automatically link and display your purchases to the newly created account. Please note you MUST be the original customer who input their billing information and email to purchase the origin badges to participate in the event upgrade. There are no exceptions.

Are the upgraded / premium badges applicable to more than one person?
No. All badge perks/rewards/benefits are only applicable to the original person for which the registration was submitted under. They cannot be applied or transferred verbally or in writing to any person including, but not limited to, friends, coworkers, children, spouses, partners, business associates etc. If each person in a group is interested in redeeming the same perks/rewards/benefits they must each purchase and possess their own badge.

Growtix Website & Confirmation Email

What is Growtix?
GrowTix acts as a data processor for and on behalf of partners and clients in event management-related services included but not limited to registration and ticketing, credit card processing, event data management. Personal data processed by GrowTix on behalf of clients are not used by GrowTix for any purpose other than the fulfillment of contracted services with said clients.

Why do badges sell out so fast?
RDCWorld and their guests reach millions of people from various backgrounds across multiple platforms all over the world. Unfortunately, it is impossible to meet that demand but we do our best to ensure everyone has a chance.

Why is the Growtix website crashing, glitching, or lagging?
Each year, we anticipate tens of thousands of potential attendees attempt to access the ticketing platform simultaneously during each release. This can cause the system to become overwhelmed. Even if there were badges available for each person that wanted one, the sheer quantity of people accessing the same digital point of sale at once will continue to cause errors, failures, and crashes. We appreciate your patience, cooperation, and support.

When purchasing a ticket on GrowTix, I entered my information and clicked submit but received an error message and then the badges were sold out. Why?
Unfortunately, until a customer clicks "submit" and receives a confirmation email with a QR code, a badge is not guaranteed. At any given moment, the badge(s) in your cart will be up for grabs by hundreds, if not, thousands of people.

When purchasing a ticket on GrowTix, I clicked "submit" and there is a charge on my bank account but I didn't receive a confirmation email with a QR Code.
The charge is likely an "authorization hold" which serves as a digital ping by the ticketing platform to verify the authenticity of the financial account information input during checkout before finalizing the transaction. If you have an authorization hold but did not receive a confirmation screen and/or email confirmation, contact to verify the registered email was input correctly.

If the email was entered correctly, badges may have sold out right before the "submit" button was pushed; therefore, the hold should be reversed due to insufficient product quantity and removed within seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days.
NOTE: Having a badge in your cart does not guarantee a purchase. If another customer in a remote location is faster at completing the process, the badge in your cart may be removed if there are no additional supplies of that product type left in stock.

I can't find my QR confirmation email. How can I have that sent again?
The link below can transmit previously issued confirmations but only to the originally submitted email from the order billing information: Con 2023

If a confirmation email was forwarded to you from the original customer, or you no longer have access to that email, please contact to explore potential recovery options.

What is the Dream Con age policy? Can a child/teenager attend without their parent or guardian?
Minors Five (5) Years Old and Under:
There is no admission cost for children five (5) and under to attend Dream Con.
Up to two (2) children per paying adult will be permitted. These attendees must remain under direct adult supervision for the duration of the event by a person with a purchased badge and valid photo ID. If venue or event staff evaluates and determines that sufficient supervision is not being provided, all parties may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including removal from the event/vacating the premises.

Minors Six (6) Years Old to Seventeen (17):
An admission badge is required for all minor attendees six (6) years old to seventeen (17) years old. Please keep in mind that these attendees must have an adult present for the initial badge pickup.

For minors, a valid photo ID is not required but highly recommended to ensure that they can redeem their badge on-site for pickup in the event of extreme scenarios: If a parent/guardian/companion who has purchased badges on behalf of a minor attendee between the ages of thirte
en (13) and seventeen (17) and is listed as the original customer on the order's billing information but can no longer attend the event to verify pickup, the minor attendee may still pick up their badges if
all the following criteria are met:

a. the minor attendee's legal name is present on the badge

b. the minor attendee displays a valid photo ID matching the name on the order and/or badge, and

c. a different parent/guardian/companion with a valid photo ID is present to authorize/approve the pickup.

Regard less of the minor's possession of a valid photo ID, a parent/guardian/companion with a valid photo ID must also be present on-site at the venue to approve the pick-up of their badge(s) for all persons under the age of 18.

After picking up badges, it is recommended but not required that attendees between seventeen (17) years old and thirteen (13) years old remain with an adult in possession of an admission badge and valid photo ID for the duration of the event.

All minors twelve (12) and under are required to have an adult nearby/inside the venue while attending the event in case of emergency. Please note the parent/guardian/companion should be the same person from the original order/billing information. If these are two separate people BOTH need to be present to authorize distribution and pick up badges.

Refunds, Transfers, and Rollovers

Are refunds, transfer, or rollovers available?
Unfortunately, no. All sales are final. No refunds, transfers, exchanges, or rollovers will be authorized due to customer personal circumstances including, but not limited to, illness, marriage, divorce, educational enrollment, military deployment, change in employment status, etc. We apologize for the inconvenience however this is a critical component in combatting scalpers and scammers. This policy is not meant to pressure any person into making a purchase. Please only commit and make a purchase if you feel capable and comfortable assuming such financial risk.

What are transfers and rollovers?
Transfers are any attempt/request to redeem or utilize a registered admission badge by a different person/third-party that was not transmitted/submitted during checkout of the original completed transaction. Admission and perks can only be used/redeemed by the registered person/name in the GrowTix system and are not transferable to anyone, including friends, children, partners, spouses, etc. Neither written consent nor video conferencing (FaceTime, Zoom etc.) will be accepted.

Approved exhibitors, panelists, and press whose associates have a sudden change of plans may not loan/give their credentials to another under any circumstances. Dream Con's Programming, Press or Exhibitor teams must be contacted with a formal request from the original program applicant(s) no less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the event; or a date/time agreed upon in writing by the Programming/Press/Exhibitor director. If approved, fees may apply as determined by the director. No changes will be authorized within 14 calendar days of the event's first full dayof programming.

Rollovers are requests to validate a ticket/badge registered, issued and/or distributed during the current event/year for a future event/year. Dream Con's ticket types, classifications, benefits, and prices may shift from year to year and there may not be an equivalent product type available. Thus, standard policy is that rollovers not be authorized unless under extreme circumstances that have been formally reviewed by executive staff.

Can I sell/buy resold badges/badges? The person is my friend/family member. It's only at face value.
Dream Con strongly discourages attendees from selling/purchasing resale badges on any platform especially via social media (i.e. lnstagram, Twitter, and Facebook). The onsite registration area at our venue requires a valid photo ID be presented by the original customer/badge holder on-site with the legal name to match the originally submitted name on the order. The name on the order is not editable. Therefore any person utilizing a resold ticket will not match, fail verification, and thus be denied entry to the event. These are typically scams with people attempting to edit the name text to fool their victim.

Our registration associate will scan the QR code whether it is presented physically or digitally. Even if the physical paper presented displays an edited unauthorized name, the original/scanned name shown by the GrowTix system will be given precedence and entry will be denied. Please consider and understand this before making your purchase. We encourage all our community members to inform and hold each other accountable.

What if I have additional questions?
Feel free to contact with any additional questions, comments, or concerns at your convenience or leisure.

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