Austin Convention Center | Hilton Austin | July 26-28, 2024
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Talent Relations

The Talent Relations Department deals with our attendees favorite people – the celebrity guests! This team represents Dream Con’s main contact for the special guests and everyone in between, including their managers, assistants, and more. This department is in charge of negotiating agreements between Dream Con and the guest, creating specialized itineraries, developing or assisting with ideas to get the individual involved in events, and providing support to other departments that have a distinguished focus on the guests Dream Con is serving.


  • Research and compile list of celebrity that fit the criteria for Dream Con
  • Reaching out to guest contacts / management by phone or email to get them interested in the organization
  • Preparing, writing, and negotiating contracts for guests
  • Arranging travel accommodations, including but not limited to: hotel, airfare, and shuttles
  • In the case of an International Guest, this department will be responsible for making sure the guest receives the correct permit and VISA, as well as any vaccinations required for travel (COVID-19 Vaccination, etc)
  • Creating personalized guest schedules and itineraries and making sure they receive a thorough rundown of their agenda prior to the start of the convention 
  • Act as a resource and host to guests visiting the area by maintaining a working knowledge of convention facilities and space and making sure all requests are me
  • Ensuring special guests have a pleasant experience with the convention.
  • Review, provide feedback, and edit all internal and external documents, negotiations, etc. involving guest relations
  • Collaborate with internal teams (e.g. programming, logistics, press) and maintain open communication with senior management


  • A customer-oriented and professional attitude
  • Must always be contactable and ready to respond to any questions or complaints the guests may have
  • Exhibit courteous hospitality at all times and be proactive about guest needs and schedules
  • Has the ability to be stern in situations between the attendee/guest in order to monopolize the most time for the guest.
  • Capable of maintaining discretion and undisclosed information within the organization
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and time management skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Willingness to learn and handle multiple responsibilities
  • Ability to work effectively, independently and in a team environment
  • Demonstrate exceptional skills in customer relations, communications and problem solving

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